May 16, 2007

The latest from the American Criminal Lawyers Union

ACLU Seeks to Censor Religious Content from Louisiana Graduations.

I was always under the impression that the American Criminal Lawyers Union was in the business of protecting freedom of speech and not censoring it. Silly me, what was I thinking???


  1. Like the Christian Post isn't a biased source of news.

  2. What does that mean? Because the story is from the Christian Post it has no basis in fact or has a bias that negates the story?

    Here's other links you can use to read the same story or opinions on it.

    Would this be enough "un-biased" links? Although assuming that they are un-biased would be a mistake.

  3. Well, Todd, as you know its all about what slant you write the story. You let your hatred of the ACLU cloud your thinking on this issue. Why does any religon need to be at graduation? If it was really important to the people involved, they could stop at church on the way and each of the people who need religon in their secular affairs could have their own sect invoked, instead of ramrodding it on everyone else. Can a speaker mention God, or gods? Of Course! Should there be prayer at the service, no matter how "voluntary", of course not and I'm sure this is yet another thing we will never agree on.


Always glad to have some form of reaction/response to my posts. Caustic or otherwise.