January 26, 2005

...about 15 minutes...

That's all he said it would take. 15 minutes to install.

I bought a new (to me) radio for may car. It's an OEM am/fm, CD, cassette. My current equipment does not include the CD. Rather than have this bizarre looking, non-matching, oddball sized thing stuffed into my dashboard, I decided to find an original equipment radio with the CD. I successfully bid on and won the correct unit on eBay. Hey, a snap to install! OEM right? Just remove and replace!

I made my first attempt between jobs. It's only 15 minutes, right? Thinking I had all the necessary tools I began deconstructing the dashboard. After breaking a plastic tab or two and a few modules into the process, DOH! I don't have a 3/8" nut driver. I'm in the parking lot of one place of employment and need to be at the other relatively soon. Hmm, keep tearing down or replace and regroup for another attack?? A command decision was made to replace and regroup not wanting to lose any of the multitude of parts I removed while I drive around for another day or two until the next attempt at installation.

The best laid plans of mice and men.....

The thrilling epilogue to be released soon.

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