January 16, 2005

Hey, Let's Remodel!

It all started a number of years ago with a new dishwasher. We naively thought we could just buy one and put it in. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, when the old dishwasher was removed we found that there was years of water damage on the subfloor and even a portion of the 6"X12" on the foundation was rotted. Once you start tearing things up there is no going back! This little new dishwasher project led to the replacement of a large portion of the kitchen subfloor, all of the floorcovering (was vinyl, now tile) and new base cabinets (because of water damage). Well, if you are getting base cabinets you'll need uppers to match. And of course there is the countertop (was formica, now tile) to think about also! Since they no longer make a "drop-in" stove/range they also do not make cabinets for it. Well, we'll need a new stove too!

The seemingly neverending projects at home certainly sap the lifeforce out of you. My kitchen has been ongoing for years now. It's gone on so long that I can't get the same finish of cabinets anymore. We had to get "relatively close". That's a nice oak finish we picked out and renamed.

I need another vacation...

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