January 26, 2005

Get U.S. out of the UN

Just despicable. We need to get out of the UN like yesterday. Not only that, we need to boot their pathetic banana republic butts out of New York. Maybe if they were headquartered in Somalia or Zimbabwe, they might actually accomplish something. Then again there is not enough resources there to bribe them to do anything in a third world country. The resorces are in industrial nations. If they can just steal all of them and give them to despots around the world they would be quite proud of themselves. Conferences such as these are good indications of how they are effectively managing THEIR resources as an organization

Move America Forward has the right idea and a good base of support along with, it appears, a cash flow. Kofi Annan needs to be in prison along with just about every other person in that pathetic organization.

My blood pressure is elevated. I need to relax....more later.

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  1. Todd, something we actually agree on! I don't think we should be in the UN either. We should be like the Swiss, just have a seat there and listen. I don't see what good we get out of it. We pay to have others tell us how crappy we are in our own house! No thanks.


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