January 05, 2005

Lead them astray...then run!

I've done it. I have lead someone astray AND posted on the same day! Just the posting itself is a minor miracle. The astray part is just the icing on the cake. Now Joe, you can waste your precious time on your stupid rants that only those of us that deeply care for you would understand. I can only hope that my incredibly successful blog (right) will lead many visitors to your newly syndicated top notch sports and venom site. I'm sure you will be hogging bandwidth in no time.

Fortunately I won't have to attend your Bloggers Anonymous meetings anytime soon. I do pity those that will have to see you blogging in the middle of the night. Hunched over the dim glow of your monitor in an old pair of boxer shorts and a tattered, beer stained tank top. Toes sticking out of the ends of your worn out Homer Simpson slippers. 5:00 shadow and a small crusty area of tomato sauce on your chin from the hastily prepared frozen pizza. The crunchy little "sleepy's" in the corner of your eyes flaking onto the keyboard as you squint at the keys in the darkness. The gooey ear wax football that you retrieved during the last pageload sits poised under your left little finger's nail just waiting to be deposited on the "Caps Lock" key with the next all caps rant.

Anyway.....just a little slice of the future for ya! Have fun.

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