February 04, 2005

"Representative" government

Here's the latest constituent newsletter from the Congresswoman who "represents" me. Overtly partisan and continuing the Democratic Kool-Aid drinking.

Last night, I attended President Bush's annual State of the Union address in the House of Representatives. As you know, the President offered his agenda for the coming year. I think it important to let you know how I feel about his speech. These are comments I made directly following the President's address:

"President Bush's speech tonight reflects failure to understand the most pressing issues affecting all Americans."

"This week, Iraqi citizens exercised their right to vote, and they deserve praise for standing up for democracy. But America's troops are still at war, with mounting casualties day after day, and this Administration still does not have an exit strategy. The Administration has made critical mistakes and errors in judgment leading up to the war in Iraq. The President refuses to acknowledge these mistakes, and thus, no corrective action has been taken to prevent these problems from happening again. Republicans and Democrats all believe in freedom and democracy, but this does not relieve the President of his duty to devise a plan that brings our troops home."

"Social Security is one of the most successful government programs of the past 70 years. President Roosevelt created this plan to protect America's seniors and it has been a success. President Bush claimed tonight that Social Security is in a crisis. If so, it would be because the President's privatization plan puts Social Security itself at risk. If the President presents a plan to Congress that supplements and strengthens Social Security, I am confident that Democrats will stand with him. If however, his plan diverts money from Social Security, Democrats will not stand idly by as the Republicans destroy this very successful program."

"Finally, I am concerned that the President continues to ignore the state of our economy. With the President's failed economic policies, thousands of highly skilled persons in Silicon Valley remain unemployed, budget deficits are at record levels and many Americans are struggling to make ends meet."


Zoe Lofgren

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