February 19, 2005

The Winter Doldrums

It is a typical "blue" day. The rain is torrential at times. Outside the neighborhood just has a very dark and dismal look to it. The gutters have filled with leaves and the rainwater is spilling over the sides. My daughters cat stares out the front window, motionless and very intent at watching nothing. The dog is asleep on her bed in front of the fireplace. Mrs. farfromgruvin is curled up in her easy chair with a good book. The parakeet, thankfully, is snoozing and quiet. Our neighbor across the street appears to be staring into our open front window from his dining room. He does this today just as he does on basically any other day of the week. The dishwasher quietly hums it's syncopated rythym in the kitchen.

All very soothing and comforting thoughts. Except for the neighbor thing but we have grown accustomed to it after 18 years. Now we have to throw a wrench in the comfort works and actually go outside in the rain to run some errands. My son needs to get some more behind the wheel experience before he takes his drive test next week. This would be a good day for that, eh? We have a couple of B'day gifts to pick up and a quick restock of some minor groceries and we will be back at the abode before you know it. Unless the behind the wheel training has some disastrous consequences and we are rushed to a hospital. Stop, that's just wrong. Anyway, gotta go!

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