February 05, 2005


Well, it finally bit me. I am officially sick. That makes twice in the last 2 months. Up until now it's been about 2 and a half years since I've been sick enough to stay home from work. Even my doctor said to my wife last month when I went to see him, "He never breaks!"

I'm broken now. Doing the green tissue dance and lung butter hoedown (imagine I lost a few readers there!). I have been sleeping so long that my back hurts and I have to get out of bed. Next comes bedsores. You know that weak and dizzy feeling you get when your muscles are about to atrophy? I have a terminal case of it. I ate an apple this morning. At least I think it was an apple, it had no taste. Or should I say it didn't taste like anything. I don't think apples are capable of aquiring a sense of discrimination. You can tell the illness is clouding my judgement and sense of reality.

It has given me a chance to watch some good TV (oxymoron). That sounds a bit pathetic, almost as if I was not watching TV I was being deprived of it's virtuous attributes. Wow, anyway I just watched The Last Mission on The History Channel. Quite good, if it reruns catch it! I've also had a chance to deplete my saved shows on my TiVo (only the greatest invention ever). Specifically there were a few shows of "Faith Under Fire". It's a topical debate generally over faith based issues or those of morality and ethics. There are very intelligent guests from both ends of the spectrum and it's always a lively debate.

One thing I do miss during this sick time is listening to talk radio. I'm a bit of a junkie when it comes to that. I obsessively channel surf. Some of the shows I listen to are Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, and Hugh Hewitt who has had a huge impact on blogging. He has cutting edge bloggers on his show everyday. This posting has put undue hardship upon my peepers and I think I'm gonna nap now. This is the most energy I've expended in three days not including the hunting of my daughters' rabbit that was scurrying through the house while she sat in her room on the phone. I loove fried rabbit! One day I will feast on it's carcass. Although I believe there is a point where it becomes too old and tough to really enjoy.

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