February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day Enrages Jihadists

Valentines Day. A "holiday" which has, like most other American holidays, become entrenched in commercialism. From your childhood you remember passing out valentines to to your grade school classmates. As you got older it became more of a learned ritual. Get the candy, flowers, card, etc. Just another line item on the "to do list" of purchasing obligations. Not much sentimentality involved (or so it seemed). You performed this routine year after year trying to be original in your ideas for gifts or outings or surprises (can I sound more bleak than that??).

In the Middle East valentines day is sinful, evil, of Satan. I kid you not! This quote from the article explains it in a nutshell.
"The 'scholars' said human love is evil. The simple feeling of being attracted to or in love with someone is a terrifying sin if it is committed outside of their religious dogma -- and it warrants serious punishment."
If you are forbidden from showing human love how can you have any respect for life at all?? Read this article in it's entirety and I think you will have a different perspective on something as simple as expressing love to another.

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