October 17, 2008

Did William Ayer's Co-write Obama's Book "Dreams From My Father"?

An amazing article over at American Thinker.com by Jack Cashill. He unearths the most telling evidence that William Ayers helped Barack Obama write his 1995 book, "Dreams From My Father". He provides comparisons of paragraphs with similar verbage and metaphors along with samples of Obama's previous writings. It really is a fascinating article and it raises some really huge questions.

Mr. Cashill's assesment of "Why this matters:"
The question is often asked why Obama associated with Ayers. The more appropriate question is why the powerful Ayers would associate with the then obscure Obama. Before Obama's ascendancy, it was Ayers who had the connections, the clout, and the street cred. Ayers could also write and write very well. By the mid-1990s he had had several of his books published. What Ayers could never do, however, was run for office on his own.

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