October 02, 2008

Palin In The Post

Amazingly, the Washington Post did a fairly decent job on a biographical article of Sarah Palin and her family. In reading it I was getting the impression that it was leading up to a punchline that never came. There were a few paragraphs regarding her faith and background in hunting that were written rather condescendingly but never viscious. I think you see them for what they are. A conservative reader would see the valuable lessens she learned growing up in the environment she did. An urban liberal would see it as silly backwards upbringing. It depends on what you value in life. Self-relience, strength of character, rugged individualism are usually not the qualities the left looks for in a candidate (IMHO).

Hats (slightly) off to WaPo for a relatively non-hit piece. Click the post title for the link to the article.


  1. What I like about her is that she has this "can do" attitude.

    Despite that I figured her to be a fool because of her recent interviews. I did research into her past debates, etc and that made me confused. The reason being is she sounded like a very intelligent women compared to her recent interviews. I think that she was just nervous and didn't want to screw up. Not surprising since she has been on a leash these past few months.

    If the Republicans just "let her go" I am sure she would do a great job for the party.

    I am very interested in the VP debate tonight. Hopefully she doesn't sound scripted and is a challenge to Biden. I just hope that they don't turn this into something personal and go after each other. We are voting for the President after all and not the VP.

  2. Oh and just to add on one more thing.

    I think the media has been way too hard on her compared to Biden. He has said some ridiculous things as well and the media barely even spent 10 seconds on it.

  3. On the topic of Biden saying ridiculous things....

    Read this article. Victor Davis Hanson has used all of Biden's gaffes and applied them to Sarah Palin. It's a parody but you really see that Biden has said some silly stuff.


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