October 24, 2008

Early Prep For Lawsuits

From Salon.com, a piece by Mike Madden that is laying more groundwork for spurious charges of voter disenfranchisement. 72 year old Ted Ravelo worries that his daughters won't be able to vote because they have to work.
-- who have to work on Nov. 4, and who sent him to scout out the wait time -- might not get to vote at all.

Here we go with the laying of the foundation...
and once again, there's a very real possibility that a lot of people who support the Democratic candidate could have trouble voting.

Why is that? If there are no problems with the people who support the Republican candidate why should there be specific troubles with the Dems?

The idea that Republican operatives are somehow tampering with polling places is just ludicris. What affiliation does the group ACORN have? It certainly isn't Republican. They are under FBI investigation for fraud regarding voter registration. The article goes on to say that the group "Election Protection" will have lawyers roaming from polling place to polling place ready to help voters who can't find their precincts, etc. Strangely enough, ACORN just happens to be a member of Election Protection.
"Voter suppression is something that anybody who has any sense of commitment to democracy or civil rights would want to fight against," said Weeden, a criminal defense lawyer who also helped monitor election sites in 2004. Back then, he and other volunteers encountered people who had been called and told their polling places had changed, or found suspicious characters lurking outside precincts with clipboards, asking people if they had met rigorous requirements to vote that went above and beyond what the law says.

Those "suspicious characters lurking outside precincts" were obviously flown in by the right-wingers on their black helicopters.

Further into the article there is a ridiculous assertion that is pure speculation. Giving it print space is merely adding to that "disenfranchisement" foundation of sand they are trying to build.
Bill Richardson told Salon prior to appearing at an early-vote rally for Latinos in Kissimmee, Fla., on Wednesday. He noted that he's heard reports of rumors about voting problems among Hispanic communities in Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico as well.

Who is it that benefits from spreading baseless rumors? The Democrats, of course. This way they can charge that they warned before the election that there were reports of voter problems.
But, he said of expected record turnouts, "It's very healthy for our democracy, and we should take advantage of it, not engage in negative tactics and voter suppression."

Referring of course, to the evil Republicans who are lurking at polling places.
The final paragraph of the article had me ROTFLMAO. What a self incrimination!!
Obama's most passionate supporters, meanwhile, say they're ready to show up no matter what they hear. "We're smart," said Sherrie Kendrick, a retired phone operator from Miami, who will turn 54 on Election Day. "We may not look it, but we're smart."

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