June 21, 2007

The Left's Fascination With the Right's Supposed Media Control

This article at CNS news shows the rather sophisticated collaboration of the left in shutting down free speech. That sounds very conspiratorial and "black helicopter"-like but there efforts and collaborations taking place to try to silence a news network that does not provide a liberal bias. Liberal activists effectively persuaded candidates to withdraw from a debate merely because they did not like the Fox News network hosting. I'm quite confident that there was never a boycott from the right when CNN (Communist News Network), ABC (Always Bull Crap), CBS (Crooked Broadcasting Service) or NBC (Non Believable Communications) held a debate. Candidates from the right generally want to be involved in any debate.

Less information is bad, shutting down debates is bad, spinning information is bad. While both sides can be accused of spinning, it's the left that actively trys to shut down free speech and the dissemination of information. This quote from Robert Greenwald, one of the activist organizers that successfully shut down the debate, I think speaks for itself.

"The more Democrats legitimize Fox as a neutral or credible source of news, the easier it is for Fox to swiftboat Democratic candidates and progressive ideas in the future -- elevating smears and misinformation into the mass media during the 2008 election," it says.

The Left attempts to shut down opposition by attacking the opposing messengers rather than defending their position. Try to avoid the facts because that tends to confuse their opinions.

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