June 21, 2007

The One Sane Opinion on ABC's "The View"

Granted, this was aired a while ago, but you just gotta love that Elizabeth! She's outgunned on a daily basis by three or four to one but she holds her own. Thanks to the Evil White Guy blog for the YouTube link.

Mrs. Farfromgruvin had a propensity in the past to watch The View as well as the Rosie O'Donnell Show. As horrifying as that may seem, she came to her senses after Rosie ambushed Tom Selleck on her show regarding his Second Amendment views. I have to admit that I did actually enjoy Rosie's humor waaaaay back when she was first starting out as a stand up comic. I don't want her opinions on ANYTHING, EVER. Just make me laugh. That's what you (at one time) do well and why you get paid. I could care less what you are thinking. You know what they say about peoples opinions don't you? Opinions are like armpits, everyone has one and they all stink.

It amazes me at how the hollywood types seem to think that their opinion on anything is superior simply because they are famous. They live in a fantasy world, devoid of any hint of reality. Shut up and do your job. When we want your opinions we'll....oh, wait.....we don't want them.....nevermind.

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