June 22, 2007

More Ann Coulter, Please!

I must admit that I don't keep up with the columnists that I like to follow. I could only dream of having enough time to read all the op/eds I enjoy. Perusing the news and opinions this morning on favorite sites, I caught a link to the Human Events magazine website. I read Ann's current column about that sleaze bucket lawyer in the Duke LaCrosse rape case, Mike Nifong. She skewers him on a pig spit and uses extra BBQ sauce to boot! I looked in the Ann Coulter archives and one headline caught my eye, "Jerry Falwell -- Say Hello To Ronald Reagan!". It was written over a month ago. That shows you my timetable for op/ed reading. I couldn't resist, hey...it's Ann Coulter!

Read it. Funny, biting humor, truth, sarcasm. What more can you ask for? You may not agree with her writings but boy, can she tell it like it is and make you laugh at the same time.

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