June 12, 2007

More ACLU anti-American Activity

This from OpinionJournal.com is another bullet point on the long list of reasons the ACLU (American Criminal Lawyers Union) should, itself be prosecuted, defunded, investigated, whatever needs to be done. Just get rid of the bums. The opinion piece speaks of a current litigation that should not be too surprising since the ACLU was founded by people who belonged to the "American Union Against Militarism". They were an anti-war group dating back to 1914.

During the first 60 years of the organization, nearly eighty percent of the elected members had Communist Party affiliations. On top of that, a full ninety percent of the cases they were defending involved Communists. Here's a good informational site with lots of historical landmarks of the group.

There are a few fleeting moments in ACLU history where either the target or the outcome of their litigation actually provided some measure of good for the citizens of the U.S. Those fleeting moments are far out-weighed by their overt attempts to destroy our country through litigation as described in the opinion piece refenced above. Not to mention their attacks on religious freedoms (that's a whole other can of worms).

My whole rant here is due to the fact the ACLU are suing a private company for transporting government prisoners overseas. Read the opinion and try to figure out how the ACLU is justified in doing this. Who are they trying to protect? More precisely, who are they trying to impede? How is the company doing the trasporting of the prisoners being "unconstitutional"?

I know Joe will have something to say on this topic. I'm not sure as to what position he will take, but he WILL have something to say.

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  1. Well, let's see. As a member of the ACLU, in fact a dues paying member, I don't see what the problem is. Here's an American company helping to deny people their Rights. Even non-citizens have rights here. For us to cart these three off to another country to be tortured, well, bully for the ACLU. I promise to gift you a membership when I retire!


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