June 29, 2007

"Taking Parents Away"?

This excerpt from KNBC TV4 in Los Angeles

Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers union, said that until an immigration bill is passed, immigrants will continue to live in fear.

"Our people are living in terror right now, you know, getting people knocking at the doors in the middle of the night, taking parents away, leaving the citizen children behind," she said. "This cannot go on. It's got to be stopped."

I have a few questions for Delores;

1. What immigrants are "living in terror"? - answer - ILLEGAL ones. That makes them criminals, they should be living in fear. They have broken our laws.

2. What "people" are knocking at whose doors in the middle of the night? - answer - That's just a bizarre statement with no specific mention of ANY victims of "door knocking". Step away from the crack pipe, Dolores.

3. If you came here illegally, had children knowing you were here illeglly so that they would be your citizenship "anchor", and knew there was a chance (however remote) you could be deported for being here illegally but not your "citizen" children, who's fault is that? - answer - The illegal parents of "anchor" babies, not ours.
They break our laws, manipulate our system and then cry foul when they are called on it.

I completely agree with Dolores Huerta, "This cannot go on. It's got to be stopped". I however, am referring to the illegal immigration that she tacitly supports.


  1. Uh oh, Todd, we agree on something. This is scary.

  2. I know that we will always be in agreement on the basics - borders, language, culture.


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